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Hair Removal

Smooth tanned legs

Hot Waxing

Hot wax is designed to shrink-wrap around the hair follicle, removing it from the root without pulling at the skin. It is applied by being spread along the skin and once dried in a few seconds, it is easily removed by lifting the corner and pulled against the hair growth.  As the wax is left on the skin for a few seconds, the heat opens the pores and hair follicles allowing the hair to wax out much more easily. This should theoretically be less painful. It also has a stronger grip on the hairs, which makes it ideal for thicker, more stubborn hair. It can even wax hairs of 1mm in length. Nadiya recommends waxing regularly with sessions 4-6 weeks apart.


Bikini £30, Brazilian/ Hollywood £50, Underarm £20, Half Leg £40, Half Leg and Bikini £60, Half Leg and Brazilian £75, Full Leg £65, Full Leg and Bikini £75, Full Leg and Brazilian £90, Lip £10, Eyebrows £20, Full Face £40

Red Lipstick


Electrolysis is the only approved method of permanent hair removal treatment because it safely and permanently removes hair by destroying the growth cells in the hair follicles.This treatment is suitable for all skin tones and carries fewer risks and side effects than laser. During your consultation, Nadiya will advise a plan suited to you that includes a number of sessions and frequency of treatments. 


1 Session £20 (Up to 15 mins) 

Course of 10 Sessions £180

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